Team Needs 01/06/2008

Team Needs will be updated at Season’s End, after the NFL Combine, after the NFL Draft and random updates during the Free Agency period.
Team Need #1 Need #2 Need #3 Need #4 Need #5
Atlanta 43DT OLB DB TE OT
Baltimore WR DB 34DE OG C
Buffalo TE C OLB 43DE QB
Carolina 43DT WR TE QB OT
Chicago DB WR OG 43DL SS
Cincinnati OL (G/T) 43DE OLB RB S
Cleveland LB RB DB 34DE WR
Denver LB S 43DT DB C
Detroit QB OL(C/T/G) LB DB 43DT
Green Bay 43DE 43DT OT DB OG
Houston DB S OLB 43DE OT
Indianapolis 43DT DB OT 43 OLB WR
Jacksonville 43DT QB WR DB OG
Kansas City OT MLB QB 43DE WR
Minnesota S OT QB WR 43DT
New England DB RB OT OG LB
New Orleans DB OLB 43DT OT S
NY Giants 43DT LB WR OT S
Oakland 43DE WR DB S OT
Philadelphia OT TE S RB WR
Pittsburgh OL (G/T) FS ILB DB 34DE
San Diego OLB 34DE RB WR OT
San Fran 34DT WR OT DB QB
Seattle WR RB S 43DT OT
St Louis OL (G/T) DB LB S QB
Tampa Bay OT WR 43DE QB OLB
Tennessee WR 43DT DB 43DE C
Washington OT 43DT 43DE 43LB OG

10 Responses to “Team Needs 01/06/2008”

  1. For the Lions I think you are close on your team needs, just a little shuffle: 1.) 43 DT 2.) LT (not RT) 3.) 43 ILB 4.) CB 5.) TE

    if you wanted to expand beyond 5: 6.) RB/WR/KR 7.) S 8.)OG 9.)DE

  2. As a Giants fan, I think their biggest need is at linebacker, esp weakside, where they need someone with speed; the Giants backers are slow. I understand why you say SS is #1 – replace James Butler. However, Kenny Phillips is their FS of the future, and they drafted a CB in the first two rounds (Ross #1 & Thomas #2) in 2007 and 2008; I can’t see them going DB at the top again, unless someone really good drops to them, as Phillips did last year. They haven’t drafted a linebacker in the first two rounds since 1991, and it shows.
    OT is a possibility – get a true left tackle and move David Diehl back inside – but Diehl has a brand new tackle-level contract, which would make it awkward. WR is also possible, to replace Burriss, or TE, since Kevin Boss is the only proven TE who can catch the ball.
    The Giants have 9 draft choices, and I expect them to get a compensatory for Gibril Wilson’s gigantic contract with the Raiders. I expect Reese to wait to see what drops to him – he has shown limited appetite for moving up – and pick the best player available in selected positions. One of his stated objectives is to have competition at all positions, so the 9 or 10 draft choices will probably be spread among 7 – 8 positions. He has justifiable confidence in his ability to find value late in the draft, so he won’t be in a hurry at any position. Nevertheless, I see a LB in the first two rounds, maybe two if the decide to keep Kiwanuka at DE.

  3. Have you ever seen the Redskins play before? Their entire line is in their mid-30′, injury prone, slow, and terrible. If we don’t draft 3 linemen this draft will be a disappointment.

  4. Most Giant fans agree that S and LB are the two top priorities. It’s hard to see how OT gets much of a nod when your OL leads the NFL in rushing yardage. Another rotational DT would be helpful… as would a hybrid pass rushing OLB/DE. And no one knows what’s happening with the moron known as Plaxico. A WR pick would not be a surprise. Cheers…

  5. The Patriots need Safties, Cornerbacks and Linebackers. They should get several of each in the next draft.

  6. For the Chiefs, we can debate the QB need, but it can certainly be up there. I would rate the needs as 1. DE 2. MLB 3. QB (debatable) 4. OT 5. OLB If you don’t want a QB, you can add OG/C to the list.

  7. Anthony Tonti Says:

    I am an Eagles fan and based on my novice assessment of thier needs, suggest the followign priorities: 1. OT/TE, 2.OT/TE, 3.RB/FS
    4.RB/FS, 5.WR 5.DT

    Rational: (1)Both starting OT’s are in their mid 30’s. (2)LJ Smith’s poor performance will lead to a release and the subsequent need for a
    top quality TE. (3)Westbrook will be 30 next year andis injury prone. (4)Dawkins is 35 years old. (5)Likely that Reggie Brown will be released and Curtis is 30 years old. (6)DT rotation is incomplete with Klecko at FB

  8. great mock draft. probably the best i have seen so far. But the needs for the eagles go: 1. OT 2. Safety 3. RB 4. WR 5. FB

  9. I agree with the Browns pick and hope that it is their move. No way buffalo takes Stafford. Edwards is fine. I’m thinking the top 43 DE.

  10. I hate to say it but I am a LIONS fan, I know they need alot and agree with you that they need to take Oher or Smith at # 1 but with their second 1st rd. pick right now its a toss up because their aren’t that many quality CB or DT in FA. I would lean towards a LB w/ the # 20 pick “R. Maualuga” and then a DT at # 33 “P. Jerry or E. Hood”.

    On another note, you have Brandon Spikes still in the draft. He stayed in school!

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